Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer Glen Ellyn Explains Health Care Directives

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Many documents are vital in estate planning, but one of the most important is health care directives. Each person deserves the power to dictate what happens to them should an unforeseen medical situation leave them incapacitated.

Placing family members in the position to make difficult choices is challenging, but estate planning lawyer Glen Ellyn knows that one document can simplify things.

Respecting One’s Wishes

The directives provide a roadmap for healthcare professionals and family members to implement one’s wishes. The living will is a type of health care directive that most people utilize, as it outlines treatments and interventions a person agrees to and those they wish to avoid.

Things such as whether life-sustaining treatments should be utilized are included, as well as things like organ donation and matters of end-of-life care. Having values and choices honored in a time of incapacity is a way to show respect to a loved one, and this little document ensures it’s done.

The Emotional Barriers

Family members are often perplexed when they face a loved one who’s incapacitated and an impossible decision. Keeping someone on life support when there’s little to no hope seems cruel, but on the other hand, people don’t want to pull the support that’s keeping their loved one alive. Having health care directives in place takes the burden off the family.

There won’t be any guilt or doubts about whether they made the right choice. Emotions are always high during these times, so having a document like this becomes vital for the family as much as the person with a medical issue.

Starting the Planning Process

No one wants to be faced with making decisions for the end of life. However, it’s never too early to start this process. Those who need these legal documents to protect themselves and their family should contact Chicago’s estate planning lawyer Glen Ellyn at SBK Law Group for assistance.

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