Check Out The Available Pool Coping Options

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2022

Are you having an in-ground pool installed or looking for ways to update an older-looking pool? Then you might want to think about your pool coping. Coping refers to the stone or concrete that is used to cap the pool shell wall. That means that coping not only forms the edges of your pool at the deck surface but also that it may extend into the water of your pool. At the very least, coping will be exposed to a significant amount of water, which makes the choice of pool coping material important. In addition to being attractive, pool coping should be durable, capable of standing up to water exposure, and ideally will not become slippery when it gets wet. Coping can be the same material as your pool deck or may be chosen to compliment your pool deck.

You have several different options when looking at pool coping. The most popular options include poured-in-place concrete, precast concrete material, tiles, and natural stone. If you choose a poured-in-place concrete option, then usually your pool builder will handle that installation as part of your pool installation and your style options will be limited. Generally, poured concrete is a less-expensive choice. However, if you choose a natural stone option like Gravel in Steilacoom, then you open yourself up to almost limitless design possibilities.

There are variety of natural stone and tile materials that are perfect for use in pool coping. These materials include, but are not limited to natural stones, pavers, flagstone, and even some types of stone veneer that are approved for swimming pool applications. The choice of coping material can make a huge impact on the visual appearance of the pool. Choosing quarried granite can give you an upscale luxurious appearance, while fieldstone can help your pool resemble a naturally-occurring pond. Whatever your choice, it is critical that you let them know the stones will be used in a swimming pool application. It is important to get consistent thickness for coping applications, as well as ensure that the stones are treated to decrease the likelihood of mold or algae-growth in humid conditions.

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