Change the Shape or the Size of Your Nose

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2019

When you aren’t happy with the shape or the size of your nose, a cosmetic surgeon in Dallas can perform a rhinoplasty procedure. First, you need an examination with X-rays so that the surgeon can understand the internal structures of your nose. You may have a deviated septum that requires a repair, but you may also have external abnormalities such as a bump along the ridge of your nose. It is possible to have the nostrils of the nose reduced in size to change the width of your nose, or alternatively, you may want to alter the shape of the tip of your nose.

Reduce the Size or Improve the Firmness of Your Abdomen

If you have a bulging tummy, then you can have an abdominoplasty to tighten the underlying tissues along with removing the excess skin. With a tummy tuck, you are anesthetized before the cosmetic surgeon in Dallas makes an incision to remove fatty tissue. The surgeon may use liposuction to remove the liquid fat from the tummy area before he tightens the muscles and ligaments in the abdominal zone. In some cases, you will need to have excess skin cut away before the surgeon stitches the incision.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation by Talking to a Cosmetic Surgeon

More women today are opting to have breast augmentation surgeries to increase the size or firmness of the breasts. A cosmetic surgeon in Dallas is able to insert implants into the breasts without removing the tissues in the breasts. Many implants are inserted into the woman’s navel and pushed along the abdominal wall underneath the breasts. After the plastic implants are inserted, the surgeon can fill the devices with saline or other substances to create larger and firmer breasts.

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