Certify Your Business is Prepared for an Emergency

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Fire Protection

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No one ever knows when an emergency is going to happen, they are unexpected and can occur at any time. From natural disasters to fires, when an emergency occurs you want to be prepared to minimize the risk of people being injured or losing their life. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to have an effective plan for vacating the building in place. In addition, to ensuring all employees are trained on how to handle a crises situation. By working with a company to create efficient evacuation plans in Toronto ON, you can rest assure your company meets the local and additional fire codes required in Canada.

What to Expect with a Planning Service

  • Safety plans are designed according to the government codes on how to handle a fire.
  • A review of your building is performed to determine if all fire codes are met, emergency doors are not blocked, and first aid kits are fully stocked.
  • One the review is completed any problem areas are addressed and a solution is found to help meet local and other government fire codes.
  • Employees are trained on how to care for fire extinguishers each month to ensure they are in working order.
  • Evacuation plans in Toronto ON include training wardens to ensure they are properly informed on how to handle an emergency and the process to be followed during a crisis.

Guarantee the Safety of Your Employees and Customers

Harding Fire Protection makes it their top priority to ensure each client is prepared for an emergency. Whether it is a natural disaster or a fire, they offer the services you require to help keep everyone safe during a crisis. By effectively preparing for an emergency, you can minimize the risk of anyone being injured or losing their life when the unexpected occurs.

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