Celebrity of the Month Award

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Las Vegas is a city of celebrations. The nightlife is always popping and it is the focal location for bachelor parties, poker tournaments, and concerts. Since the city is so popular for partying, celebrities make appearances every weekend. Whether they’re in town for a concert or public appearance or they just want to party, celebrities show up and people take notice to their activities. They can be noticed for their outrageous behavior or their humanitarian efforts. Vegas started a campaign to build its reputation into more than just a party city. The city did this by rewarding a celebrity of the month for their charitable works and creating a more positive image of Las Vegas. Many celebrities have been sighted promoting their charities, such as Andre Agassi and his foundation for education. Giving recognition to celebrities for their benevolent actions instead of their drunken mishaps promotes a better Las Vegas. This should be the criterion for how a celebrity should be awarded.

Charitable Efforts

Charity work is a great reflection of character. A lot of celebrities partake in community service for the wrong reasons. If celebrities were contributing to building the morale of Las Vegas, instead of serving for minor crimes, it should be something that is noticed. Praising celebrities for their achievements rather than belittling them for their troubles will promote a better culture in the celebrity world and for Las Vegas. The first step toward creating a better city is to praise those trying to help change its culture. Celebrity of the month awards will motivate other celebrities to help.


Appearances help keep the city relevant. Partying is what Vegas is infamously known for and that can help celebrities promote their work, charities, and a better culture within Vegas. Partying doesn’t hurt when it’s for a good cause. Fundraisers and social events help promote the good causes celebrities are working for. A celebrity hosting parties should be recognized for his or her efforts to promote their foundation.


There can be monumental moments in Las Vegas. For example if a standup comedian is playing his 100th show at the Hard Rock Café, that is something that should be acknowledged. Another example is if a musician is playing their final concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, which should be honored because it is not a regular concert. It should not be praised as much as a celebrity’s charitable work, but they could be a celebrity of the month because we love to celebrate milestones.

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