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Posted by Timothy Harvard on May, 2015

The U.S. Council for Automotive Research was formed back in 1991 as a collaborative effort between Daimler-Chrysler, Ford and G.M. to research and formulate an environmentally sustainable future for the U.S. Automotive Industry. Out of this collaboration came the Vehicle Recycling Partnership, or VRP. And from the VRP came the concept of Cash for Cars. San Jose, California, home to high tech and high employment, is also home to a great many cars, most still on the road, some not. Cash for Cars in San Jose focus its attention and expertise on the latter.

Cash for Cars has turned what used to be thought of as a rather disreputable and dirty business into an environmentally proactive industry. It allows licensed auto dismantlers to also act as licensed auto-dealers, buying cars not just through public auctions, but from the public at large, creating a huge database of inventory along the way.

Thanks to auto dismantlers, more than 95% of all cars in the U.S. are recycled. And a full 75% of each car is broken down into components which can be reused. This makes a wrecked or non-running car a valuable commodity. The so-called “junker” gathering rust in the back yard and the car which could be fixed if only there was the time or money to fix it, are now the beginning of a revenue and recycling chain which runs from the original owner through the auto dismantlers and back out to consumers again.

No more worries about posting an ad on some list and having some stranger from who-knows-where pay you a visit to hammer out the details and insult your intelligence along the way. The process is fully automated. Simply log onto the dismantler’s website, enter all the pertinent information about the vehicle and receive a quote in seconds. Accept the offer and the deal is done. The auto dismantler takes care of the rest, sending you your money in a prompt fashion, doing all the paperwork and towing the vehicle away.

With automotive technology changing at breakneck speed, auto dismantlers must deal with those changing technologies as well. How to handle older generations of hybrids which have reached the end of their usefulness? What will happen when fully electric vehicles need dismantling? How to comply with environmental regulations concerning an ever-growing list of battery applications? And when the hydrogen fuel-cell car finally hits the road only to hit a large, immovable object, what then? As for the rest of the country, cash for cars in San Jose from Autogator will help to meet challenges in an efficient and environmentally safe way.

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