Buying Auto Insurance After a DUI

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Insurance

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If you have received a DUI, you may need to get a special form that verifies your auto insurance coverage meets state requirements. This is generally referred to as an SR-22 form, and SR 22 Illinois forms can be acquired from your insurance company. You can expect to pay about $20 to have such a form processed by your provider.

SR-22 Forms Are Not Insurance Policies

It is important to note that an SR 22 Illinois form is not an insurance policy in itself. All it says is that you have the ability to pay for any damage that you cause in a crash. After you are convicted of a DUI, the DMV in your area will explain why you need an SR-22 and for how long. You should expect to have it for anywhere from two to five years.

Will the SR-22 Form Result in Higher Insurance Rates?

In most cases, the fact that you have received a DUI will be the reason why your insurance rates go up. Your rates may further increase if you were issued other citations or caused damage in a drunk driving accident. If you have questions about the impact of an SR-22, feel free to ask your insurance provider for more detailed information.

The SR-22 Requirement May Toll

After a DUI, you may lose your drivers license or otherwise choose not to drive. During this time that you don’t drive, the SR-22 requirement may toll. Let’s say that you were required to have it for two years. What this means is that the requirement remains for two years after you register a vehicle in your name, get your license back and buy insurance.

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