Boat Service and Routine Maintenance in Buford is Just a Click Away

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2020

There are few joys that compare to taking a boat out to sea, whether on a pleasure cruise or a fishing trip, aside from possibly owning your own boat. The one constant with boat ownership, whether the craft in question is a pontoon or a cruiser, is the need to do work on the boat to keep it seaworthy. When you are looking for boat service in Buford, GA, you are in luck, with experienced professionals specializing in seasonal service, winterization, lube service, and repairs. State of the art equipment and expertise awaits you in dual service areas: one for boats from the shop, one for boats from anywhere, with an efficient repair and/or service turnaround time. Your needs could be an unexpected impeller repair or even a place to order parts for yourself; regardless of your situation, this shop is on hand and at your disposal.

At the end of the day, the most important quality for any company or contractor working with you on your craft is to be both easy to find and to arrange service appointments at your convenience. With that in mind, be sure to contact Gainesville Marina at or call the shop at 770-536-2171 to schedule a visit when you are in need of boat service across the Buford, GA, area. The service department is on hand and will be happy to help both new and existing customers. Additionally, the shop has an online service registration form to help expedite your needs.

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