Best Use Of Breezesta Patio Furniture

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2015

Patio furniture is something we all take for granted. Metal, wooden and plastic furniture pieces wait idly for us to sit in, sip drinks in and generally spend time relaxing in. On rainy days, we sit under porches to watch the rain fall. On hot lazy summer days we sit in the shade.  We place them on decks and beside pools for company to enjoy as well. Over the years one type of outdoor patio furniture has proven to last through all the hot summer suns and wet rainy days: plastic poly lumber. Poly lumber helps to lower maintenance and increase durability which is the best use for Breezesta patio furniture.

The History of Patio Furniture in America

Patio furniture has been popular since Victorian times in North America where middle and upper class families made it part of their outdoor décor. At that time their favored materials were wicker and exotic wood. All across the United States the use of patio furniture quickly caught on as people from all walks of life placed it on porches and verandas to enjoy the outdoors.

In the Southern United States, patio furniture had been made of wicker until it was discovered this was not suitable for the climate. Wicker was often hard to take care of; moreover, the padding that was used to make the chairs comfortable often became mildewed. As a result, metal became the preferred material for construction of patio furniture in the Southern States.

New York State was to be the heart of the next patio furniture revolution. In the early 1900s, the Adirondack chair made its appearance. The Adirondack style met the demands for comfort and rustic elegance. By 1905, many individuals had adopted this more casual look for the beach, cottage homes and for mountain retreats. Through the 1930’s as outdoor furniture became more common, it moved away from wicker and even wood to aluminum.

Yet, aluminum, like wicker and wood, had its problems. Although light, it was not the most attractive and it could also be dented and bent. Yet, the fashion continued as patio furniture truly came into existence in America during the 1950’s. In particular, the need to have the right type of patio furniture gripped the suburbs.

Patio Furniture Today: The Best Use of Breezesta Patio Furniture

Technology has changed since the initial entry of Adirondack chairs and wooden patio furniture into the market place. People now have found wood, wicker and metal are not as durable or low maintenance as a new type of outdoor patio furniture: poly lumber. Many people are turning to recyclable materials as part of an environmentally positive response as a type of “reuse” and “recycle” approach. This need to help the environment is a strong component of the manufacturers of Breezesta furniture. From the beginning to now many still find the best use of Breezesta Patio Furniture is to sit in, enjoy, relax and find pleasure in the world outside.

If you are wondering about the Best Use of Breezesta Patio Furniture, do not tax yourself excessively. While it is true the furniture is lovely to look at, its purpose is one that has served well throughout time. Durable and elegant Brezeesta patio furniture, no matter what the style, is simply a place for you to sit down, relax and watch the world go by. To find out more about our collections, visit us, online at Google+ or Facebook.