Benefits of Upgrading your Parking Lot

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2018

When approaching your property, your parking lot is the first thing your customers are going to see and interact with. Even more so than the appearance of your building, this is your customer’s first impression of your business. The experience they have with your parking lot is going to affect their mood for the rest of their stay. While you can’t control everything that happens in the parking lot, you can make sure it’s as cushy an experience as possible. There are many benefits to upgrading your parking lot, so if you’re looking to hire commercial paving contractors in Santa Cruz CA, here are the main benefits to going through with that decision and upgrading your parking lot.

#1. It’s just nicer
The obvious reason to upgrade your parking lot is that, if you parking lot needs to be upgraded, it’s just going to end up looking nicer. As was stated previously, your parking lot is your customers’ first impression of you and your business, so it’s important that it doesn’t look like a bomb went off in the center of it, all covered in cracks, with weeds sticking up all over the place. If you think your parking lot needs to be repaved due to age, you may as well upgrade it while you’re doing that.

#2. Better layout
Upgrading your parking lot is a chance for you to change the layout to be more consumer friendly. The layout of your parking lot is the most important thing about it. You need to subtly guide each driver to each parking space without them knowing they’re being railroaded. Each parking space, and each space between those spaces, needs to be placed just right to both accommodate for every person you suspect will be at your business at once, and to guide each driver into them in a nuanced, subconscious manner.

#3. Lifespan extension
Sometimes a good old-fashioned update is needed to keep your parking lot kicking for a few more years. Maintenance is all well and good, but there will come a point where you realize that what’s worked for the past few years, simply no longer works for one reason or another. Sometimes a full on upgrade is the best thing you can do for your parking lot in terms of maintaining its life-span for longer.

Upgrading your parking lot, if you are considering it at all, is probably the best decision. It will make your business more approachable, gives you a chance for a much-needed redesign, and will go a long way to extending the lifespan of your parking lot.

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