Benefits of Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA

Many families search for home health care in Philadelphia, PA, only after a hospital visit. The elderly usually prefer staying home to moving into a skilled nursing facility. By providing care in their home, they get support for their activities for daily living and help cooking and bathing as needed. Here are a few of the benefits.

Reduce Falls and Hospital Stays

If you or your loved one were hospitalized for an illness, the risk of falls at home might increase. Evidence suggests that elderly or ill persons are less likely to suffer injuries at home than at a long-term care facility. Home health care in Philadelphia PA, can help reduce fall risks and the rate of hospital readmissions.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Maybe your loved one doesn’t need help with handling medications or even post-surgical care. They may only need help with cleaning, cooking, or other daily activities. Home health aides can help with these daily chores and significantly impact a person’s life.

Provide Family Caregivers with Respite

It can be stressful and time-consuming to care for a loved one. For many, there is no relief. With at-home respite services, your loved one can remain in their home, and a certified caregiver can help, giving family caregivers a much-needed break.

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