Benefits of Cedar Residential Siding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Although vinyl is rising in popularity as a siding material, many homeowners still prefer the classic appeal of real wood. That’s why most siding contractors offer at least a few options when it comes to materials. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of real cedar Residential Siding in Milwaukee Wisconsin for help determining whether wood siding will be a good choice.

Long Lasting

Cedar is better able to resist rot, bacteria, mildew, and fungi than other varieties of wood, which makes it perfect for exterior applications. It can also be treated to provide extra protection against rot, decay, humidity, and freezing. If cared for properly, it can last for many decades.

Variety of Finishes

Those who want a rustic look can use untreated cedar siding, although this will impact the longevity of the home’s siding. Most homeowners choose to have their cedar siding painted or finished, which offers them the opportunity to make aesthetic changes to their exterior decor. If done correctly, repainting or refinishing should only have to be performed around once every five years to keep the wood protected from the elements and looking beautiful for decades.

Environmentally Friendly

Cedar requires minimal processing and treatment for use as Residential Siding in Milwaukee Wisconsin, making it more environmentally friendly than most other choices. Plus, once it has reached the end of its lifespan, it’s biodegradable.

Excellent Insulation

Cedar is a superior insulator, allowing it to prevent unwanted heat transfer to keep the home cooler during the summer and warmer in the cold months of winter. This helps to cut back on monthly energy bills and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.

Warmth and Beauty

There are few materials that can compete with cedar when it comes to beauty and natural appeal, featuring a unique grain pattern that sets it apart even from other varieties of wood. It blends perfectly with just about any background and has a long history of use in residential housing.

Learn More Today

In order to reap these benefits of cedar siding, homeowners will need to find a contractor with experience installing it. Find more information about one company that can help online today to get started.

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