Benefits of a Senior Companion Program in Washington, D.C.

by | May 5, 2023 | Healthcare

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Companion care for seniors enables a great number of elderly people in the United States to lead lives that are not only healthier but also safer and more fulfilling. Do you or an older loved one need assistance that senior companion care can provide? The following are some benefits of a senior companion program in Washington, D.C.

No More Loneliness

There is alarmingly high isolation among seniors. Over our lifetimes, friends and family may relocate, or we ourselves may do so. We seldom ever interact with our former coworkers once we retire. You can find yourself living alone in a big metropolis at 70 with nothing to do and nowhere to go. This can actually be quite terrible.

Seniors who live alone might suffer greatly from this feeling of loneliness, but couples can also experience it. Senior companion care from companies such as Capital City Nurses provides elders with a listening ear, someone to play a board game with, or simply someone to chat with about their difficulties. This can significantly improve the welfare of the elderly.

Keep Tabs on Mental Health

Many elderly people suffer from dementia illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease. Something such as Alzheimer’s disease can have terrible implications. While it is a neurodegenerative illness that worsens with time, many people who receive the diagnosis have years where they may function largely normally. With a senior companion program in Washington, D.C., experts can monitor such a condition and alert loved ones when it needs greater attention.

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