Avoid The Need For Commercial Lift Station Repairs in Conroe TX

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

Lift stations are a component of a sewage/drainage system. Lift stations keep sewage flowing preventing back-ups. Regular lift station maintenance can avert the need for expensive repairs and other unpleasantness.

Safety Note

Before any work is performed on a lift station the electricity to the station should be shut-off.

Clean The Wet Well

Avoiding the need for commercial lift station repairs in Conroe, TX, involves pumping out the wet well. Sewage and drainage collect in the wet well. As a general guideline to avoid a build-up of solids like grease the wet well should be pumped out every six months. A build-up of solids compromises the impeller, pump, and sink.

Inspect The Submersible Pump

The purpose of a submersible pump inspection is to keep the impeller turning freely. Every three months the impeller should be checked and cleared of detritus.

Check Valve Lubrication

Check valves keep sewage moving forward and prevent backflow. Check valves should be inspected and lubricated twice yearly.

Quarterly Float Cleanings

Floats signal the septic pump to start or stop. The purpose of a float inspection is to look for and eliminate grease that has accumulated in the float.

Alarm System Inspection

A septic system’s alarms should be inspected weekly. The activation of the alarm system signals an issue with the sewage system.

For Your Septic System Needs

Texas Pride Septic installs, inspects, and maintains systems. For all septic system repairs including commercial lift station repairs in Conroe, TX, or anywhere in our service area please visit www.texasprideseptic.com. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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