Auto Lift Maintenance Checklist

by | May 10, 2018 | Business

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Maintenance is key for all machines. To make sure your lift functions without any hitches, here are handy suggestions you can follow.

Perform daily inspections

Check out the lift before operation every day. This will help you catch minor problems and issues with the lift. With minor upkeep, you can easily prevent bigger problems and costlier repairs.

Look for signs of wear

Inspect the cables and sheaves every day. Check for signs and indications of wear. Tip: use a rage to help you detect broken strands in the cable that may be a bit hard to see. If you see any problems, don’t hesitate to call for an automotive lift repair service in OKC to fix the problem.

Know your load limits

Don’t overload your lift, the CCOHS says. Overloading can put considerable strain on your cables and result in premature wear and damage. Always follow the rated capacity in the manufacturer’s manual. That’s going to ensure hitch-free lift operation.

Replace your cables

If there are any broken wires, signs of severe corrosion or excessive stretch in any of the cables you use, replace them right away. Deformed strands are also a sign that you need to toss your old cables for new ones.

Get help right away

If you see any signs of problems, stop using the lift. Continued use can lead to further damage. Instead, get help right away. Look for a reputable company that offers automotive lift repair service in OKC. With expert help, you can get your car lifts working in no time.

Hire pros

If you need to have new lifts and equipment installed, hire pros to do the installation for you. Proper installation results in better long-term operational efficiency and performance of your lifts. Make sure that’s the case by hiring experienced and trustworthy pros for the job.

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