Auto Accident Attorneys in Lake City, FL Help Those Injured by a Passenger’s Negligence

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Accident Attorney

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When an auto accident occurs, fault is often clear, but in some cases, both drivers may be to blame. However, in rare instances, a passenger can cause an accident. If a passenger’s actions, such as grabbing the wheel, assaulting a driver, or jumping out of the car, cause an accident, that person can be held responsible for others’ injuries and damages. In these cases, accident attorneys in Lake City, FL can help victims build a case and hold passengers responsible for their actions.

Preventing Accidents

Drivers should take steps to ensure the safety of their passengers and other motorists. When a driver faces a situation where a passenger poses any kind of danger, they should do whatever is possible to prevent an accident, including pulling over and asking the passenger to get out of the car. Drivers are ultimately responsible for crashes not directly caused by passengers’ actions, and it’s important to make the vehicle as safe an environment as possible.

Proving the Distracted Driver’s Negligent Actions in an Auto Accident Case

In the establishment of negligence, claimants must prove four elements as listed below.

  • There must be proof that the negligent party owed the victim a duty of care. All drivers in Florida have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe and reasonable way, and all passengers have a duty to avoid distracting the driver.
  • There has to be proof of a breach of duty. In these cases, a passenger can breach the duty when they behave in a way that distracts a driver.
  • It must be proven that the passenger’s negligence was a primary factor in causing the accident and subsequent injuries.
  • A plaintiff’s damages must be real and provable. Here, the plaintiff would introduce medical documentation and other evidence that establishes a causal link between the accident and their injuries.

Local Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

When a person is injured in an auto accident caused by a passenger’s actions, it’s in their best interest to consult accident attorneys in Lake City, FL. Visit to find out how the firm’s experienced attorneys can help victims recover compensation for property damage, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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