Are You Looking for Professional Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Rocky Hill, CT?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2018

It has become rather popular for many homeowners to want to renovate and modify their homes. This is a great way to add both value and functionality to a home. When it comes time to renovate the floors, many people opt for carpets or another type of floor covering, but the good news is that some homeowners have a treasure right beneath their feet!

What to Do with an Old Wooden Floor

Hardwood floors have come back into fashion pretty dramatically in recent years. Where we were once covering them up in the 1970s and 1980s with carpets, it is now fashionable for people to install floating timber floors to achieve a classic and traditional look.

The thing is that some people have a wooden floor under their feet already, and in many cases, people discover quite by accident that their carpet or vinyl has been concealing old wooden floors all along! Just ask any of the professional hardwood flooring contractors in Rocky Hill, CT what they think, and they will tell you that this could be a real treasure!

Refinishing Your Old Wooden Floor

The good news is that many of those old wooden floor boards can be completely refinished and resurfaced by professional hardwood flooring contractors. All of the scratches, scuffs, marks, stains, and dents can be sanded down, buffed out, and finished with a high gloss polish that is durable and will last for many years.

Rather than hiring hardwood flooring contractors to install floating timber flooring, these existing wooden floors can be finished off, and the old grain brought back to life. Browse our website for more details about dustless refinishing, hardwood installation, and other services.

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