Are You Looking For An Affordable SUV?

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Automotive

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If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable SUV that can deal with any terrain as well as the “big boys,” a new Jeep Compass in Oak Park may be exactly the vehicle you need. Knowing that Compass owners will spend most of their driving hours on the street, Jeep engineered and designed the new model with that in mind. It’s a small crossover, and the vehicle is extremely comfortable.

There is plenty to like about the new Jeep Compass. With the rear seats in the up position, there are 27 cubic feet of cargo space. With the 60/40 split seats down it becomes a massive 60 cubic feet.

What’s new for the 2017 Compass?

Early in the model year, the vehicle that was available was a carryover from the previous year. Midway through the year, a fully redesigned Jeep Compass hit the showroom floors. The new Compass has been redesigned from the ground up with a stronger chassis, better suspension and power train choices. The exterior follows the looks of the Cherokee, long established as the “Jeep” look. The Compass has an improved infotainment system and aids to enhance driver safety.

Trim levels:

Any of the four trim levels of the Jeep Compass in Oak Park come with a 185 HP, 2.4L engine. The Sports trim is the most affordable version; the Latitude comes with 17-inch rather than 16-inch wheels, upgraded interior, and some driver assist options. The top-of-the-line Limited trim is available in four-wheel drive only and has many luxury features. There is also a vehicle that has been designed to optimize its off-road use; this vehicle is the Trailhawk.

Jeep engineers have spent a great deal of time improving the driving characteristics of the new Jeep Compass. It steers very much like a car, handles curves and rough-roads well, and has excellent brakes. For those people looking for a handsome SUV with a quiet, composed ride, look at a Jeep Compass in Oak Park.

You will find the new Jeep Compass in Oak Park to be an ideal small crossover for city streets and rough back roads. To test drive the new Compass, visit Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep online.

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