Anti-Inflammatory Injections as Treatment for Hip Pain in Jacksonville

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2016

For many patients, Hip Pain in Jacksonville can be substantially relieved through a procedure known as a fluoroscopic guided hip injection. The treatment is helpful for people dealing with osteoarthritis in the hip. A doctor at a clinic such as Riverside Pain Physicians uses specialized equipment to inject an anesthetic and a time-released anti-inflammatory medication into a precise area. The anesthetic provides temporary pain relief and the anti-inflammatory medicine provides a longer-term reduction in pain. Corticosteroids are the usual line of attack in the use of injections to stop arthritis-related hip pain.

Fluoroscopy is a live X-ray process that allows the doctor to place the needle exactly where it should go. This provides the most effective pain relief and also prevents injuring any nerves in this part of the body. The doctor first must inject a special dye that is highlighted in the fluoroscopic image. Patients should understand that doctors first numb the area before these injections are performed so that discomfort should be mild or nonexistent. The doctor may provide a mild sedative through an intravenous line if this seems advisable to relax the patient and prevent anxiety.

This is an outpatient treatment; patients are typically instructed not to drive or do any strenuous exercise on the day they receive the injection. They can return to their normal activities the next day if they feel well enough. Some patients experience a temporary increase in pain until the corticosteroid becomes fully effective.

For osteoarthritis hip pain in Jacksonville, this therapy is beneficial for many patients, but they must understand that it will not cure the underlying problem. The doctor may provide the injection again in the future, but the patient may eventually need hip surgery if the problem is severe enough. Since most people would prefer to avoid surgery if possible, the fluoroscopic guided injection is well worth a try. Many individuals are very satisfied with the results, even though the results will not last forever.

If a hip fracture occurs, an operation is normally required. With medical and technological advances, hip surgery has been improved a great deal over the years, and patients can look forward to being more mobile and free of Hip Pain afterward.

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