An Introduction to Delicious Shellfish

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

You may see many seafood selections on menus and be uncertain what the difference is between shellfish and fish. If you have always avoided fish and seafood because you did not think you would like it or because you found it smelled too fishy, you should really try a Seafood Restaurant Cincinnati fish lovers frequent and give some fresh, beautifully prepared seafood a try. Here is an introduction to shellfish to help entice you to try something new.

You have often heard the term shellfish but not be sure what this means. Shellfish is exactly what the name insinuates. It is fish that live in a shell. There are two types of shellfish:

1. Crustaceans: Crustaceans include shrimp, lobster and crab and are very popular at seafood restaurants. They are the crème de la crème of seafood. Very few people try lobster or shrimp without enjoying it. However there are many people who are allergic to shellfish particularly crustaceans. They are sweet in flavor with a meaty texture and lobster is so succulent it is often served very simply with a melted butter and garlic dip. Shrimp is used in a number of ways and is very popular for appetizers as well as in pasta. Crab is a favorite when served in crab cakes which can be served as an elegant appetizer or a more casual main course, sometimes even as a sandwich. A very popular choice is calamari which is delicious especially when deep fried. This is an Italian favorite and is crisp and perfect with drinks before dinner. Calamari is also delicious grilled but many people might be less comfortable with grilled calamari as it does have an unusual appearance.

2. Molluscs: Molluscs are literally in a shell such as scallops, clams and mussels. Shellfish such as oysters are often served raw and this might be considered an “acquired taste”. However it can also be deep fried or used in soups and is quite delicious. A very popular mollusc is the mussel which is a black oval shell with a mussel inside that is very delicate in bite and flavor. Because they are so mild they are traditionally steamed in a delightful broth and served with crusty bread. Clams are smaller and are sometimes deep fried but are also delicious in pasta sauces as well as classic clam chowders either in a cream soup or a tomato broth.

As you can see there are many delicious taste sensations awaiting you at your local seafood restaurant in Cincinnati.

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