An expert roofer in Oshkosh WI can eliminate roofing concerns

Posted by Daniel lawrence on April, 2016

When looking at the roof of the house, are there visible signs of aging? An old roof can cause a variety of problems, not the least of which is lowering the value of the property. Homes with weak, old or damaged roofs can be incredibly difficult to sell unless the owner has an expert roofer in Oshkosh WI replace the covering. The reason for hiring an expert is to avoid the chance of a shoddy job and the need to do the work again.

The roof consists of the joists and rafters that support the structure, the decking material used to cover them and some impermeable material to keep the elements out. This is typically an asphalt product, but many other options are now available such as steel roofing, fiber-cement tiles, cedar shake and simulated shakes. The property owner must decide on which of these materials to use for the protection they desire.

In some cases, the cost is a factor, and this is often the main reason that budget grade asphalt shingles get used. The most common of these are the three-tab shingle with an average warranty of twelve to twenty years. Warranty is based on grade, which is a combination of material quality and thickness. Low-grade shingles will have a shorter service life, and they tend to be prone to wind or storm damage.

For the property owner that prefers the look of asphalt, there are options such as laminated shingles and composite shingles. Laminates use an extra layer of material placed on the back of the product for additional durability, and this is one reason that a Roofer in Oshkosh WI will recommend them. Composite shingles place additional layers over the front of the product, so it appears thick. The original purpose of this was to simulate the look of slate, but it also creates a strong, long lasting shingle. Both of these products usually have long warranties, and some manufacturers will warrant them for the life of the home.

For the savvy property owner, there is the option of steel roofing. Steel products can mimic most roofing options and can be coated with a fluoropolymer-based paint or zinc/zinc-aluminum galvanizing. Each protection method should last for decades, but some home and business owners prefer the use of galvanized products for extreme durability. Visit Motto & Sons Construction for more details about roof replacements.

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