An Allergy Doctor in Louisville, KY Helps Patients With Seasonal or Weather-Related Symptoms

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2019

Symptoms of allergies can become worse with changes in the weather since many allergens thrive in certain weather conditions. Some individuals start feeling like they are allergic to rain, high humidity, or warm weather, but that’s not the case. An allergy doctor in Louisville KY helps patients manage their symptoms so they don’t feel as lousy when the allergens are prevalent.

Winter’s Effects on Trees

When winter brings a lot of snowfall or rain, trees produce more pollen in the spring. A person who is allergic to pollen then has worse symptoms when the trees are shedding the green pollen onto vehicles, outdoor furniture, and the ground. Keeping the windows closed at that time of year stops most of the pollen from getting into the home. People also are advised to wash their clothes after they’ve spent time outdoors since the fabric has pollen on it.

Late Summer

In late summer, weed growth produces pollen too. Some individuals are allergic to both tree and weed pollen, while others experience symptoms only connected with one of these allergens. They can plan for the season once they understand which substances they react to.


High humidity, which is common in this part of the country in the summer, makes symptoms worse for people who are allergic to mold. Also, the mold spore count rises in autumn when a large amount of leaf debris is on the ground. When it rains, the leaves on the bottom of the pile don’t dry out, and the leaves start becoming moldy. An Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY can determine whether mold is the problem for a patient with hay fever and then recommend effective treatment.

Testing and Treatment

When people develop symptoms of hayfever like sneezing, congestion, and wheezing, seeking help from a clinic such as Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center is important. Too many individuals self-medicate and do not feel as well as they could with a professional healthcare diagnosis and treatment. Skin testing definitively identifies which substances the person is allergic to, after which preventive measures can be taken to minimize symptoms. Click here for information on this particular clinic.

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