Advice for Menu Planning for Catered Events at Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Business

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Think of the Last Supper, the first Thanksgiving, even just the term “breaking bread”. In each, food and companionship go hand-in-hand. This tradition has developed into an expectation of providing invited guests with a special meal, regardless of the occasion. If you are planning an event at one of the Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN, here are some guidelines to help you create a satisfying and enjoyable spread at your next catered affair.

Time of Day

The time of your event will greatly influence what will be on the menu. A morning seminar will need a selection of breakfast items, afternoon events should have a combination of snack items along with light lunch fare such as salads and sandwiches. At a dinner, people typically expect a well-balanced menu of appetizers, meals and desserts.

Quantity Matters

Ordering just enough food for expected guests can become a problem if you have counted wrong, a plate or two is dropped or a few unexpected visitors arrive. If you are choosing to order so little because of your budget, consider scaling back on expensive items. Choose chicken instead of beef or swap a sea food appetizer for salad. Order 10 percent more food than you estimate you will need, just to be prepared.

Quality, quantity and variety all matter in catering. Planning a successful catered event is easier when you are organized and when you hire a talented catering service. That is possible when you choose the best Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN. For information about these halls, the catering options and how you can reserve space for your event, click here.

Consider the Guest List

This may be difficult to do when the attendees are business associates, rather than family and friends, but the variety should be such that carnivores and vegetarians will all find something pleasing at the table. If you are serving prepared dinners rather than a buffet, always provide the opportunity for those with special requirements to inform you of their needs in advance.

Remember Children

Keep in mind if you are inviting children, how unruly and disruptive a hungry child can be. Most children will refuse fish, steak and often even chicken, no matter how beautifully prepared. Have a few options they will recognize and enjoy. A simple pasta dish, finger foods and sandwiches are easy to order and include in a catered meal.

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