Advantages Of Hiring Professional DJ For Your Party

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

Music and dance are a big part of many celebrations.  Using DJs or live bands to provide music was once the standard for large-party entertainment, but as technology has advanced, it has become increasingly common for people to use their own devices to play music at large gatherings.  Sometimes this works out really well, but just as frequently it comes with some unexpected problems.  That is because many people mistakenly believe that the job of a DJ is just to play the music.  Of course music is incredibly important in a DJ’s job.  Chris, the owner of New Jersey’s Limelight Entertainment and our main DJ, will tell you that he was drawn to DJing because of the love of music.  Yet, the love of music is not enough; to be a great DJ you also have to love people.

Why is the love of people so important?  Because a DJ’s job is not just to play really cool music that he or she likes.  Instead, the DJ’s function is to provide music that sets the tone of the party you want to have.  This means being able to read the crowd and select music that will get that particular crowd and dancing on that particular night.  The songs that will do that might be very different from the songs you thought would get people moving.  This is especially true for large multi-generational events, like weddings.  A great DJ watches the crowd to see what type of music is getting them up and moving and selects songs accordingly, helping manage the party in such a seamless manner that the guests don’t even realize it.

DJ’s also do things other than play music.  Introducing a new couple, making announcements, helping guests transition from one activity or area to another are all things that a professional DJ is accustomed to doing and can integrate seamlessly into the evening’s entertainment.

At Limelight Entertainment, we love music, and we love sharing the joy of music with our clients and their guests.  Let us show you how a professional DJ can enhance your party experience.