Advantages of a Security Camera Monitoring Service

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Security Systems and Services

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If you’re looking a security camera Louisville KY located to help monitor your business, one excellent place to look is Sonitrol from Here are some of the advantages for going with this company.

Mobile Tech

There’s an app that goes with the Sonitrol system. It allows you to record your video footage to the cloud so that it’s accessible anywhere, for example. You can play the videos from your computer or a mobile device. It’s also stored locally on DVR, of course.

You can check your cameras and even zoom in to get more information about what’s going on in the video. The tech used in the cameras is good enough to pick up on specific details that can be used to identify intruders.

Detecting Intruders

Along with the security cameras Louisville KY located, there’s a monitoring system you can get that goes with them. This is important because you need to make sure that a potential intrusion event doesn’t turn out to just be a bird that flew too close to your gate or something else equally innocuous. The difference is that this system has verification so that trained professionals can view the video as it happens, in real-time, once they are alerted to it.

Then, they can make the determination regarding whether it’s a real threat or not. Sonitrol backs it up with a guarantee about false alarms as well. If the fault is their system, then they will pay the fine.

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