A Wedding May Prompt Someone to Buy Life Insurance in Springfield

Couples who have recently gotten married may want to buy life insurance in Springfield. Many individuals who do not receive this benefit through their employer make the decision soon after marrying. They want to provide for each other or be able to pay funeral expenses in case one of them passes away unexpectedly. A plan to have children is another important consideration.

Important Considerations

Families that lose an income earner may deal with significant hardship if they do not have adequate life insurance. Sufficient insurance provides money for housing, utility bills, food, and other necessities for some years to come. This is a primary reason a person decides to buy life insurance in Springfield.

Term Life

The least expensive option is term life, which does not build in value over time. It provides a specific amount to the beneficiary if the premiums are always paid on time.

Whole Life

People looking to provide for families after death often are more interested in a whole life policy. This policy gradually increases in value as the consumer pays premiums for a set number of years. It can be considered an investment in addition to an insurance policy.

Some policyholders eventually withdraw the extra money that has accumulated. They might do so when the children have grown up and reached financial security. The parents’ savings will easily pay for their own funeral expenses. They might now see another use for this investment and feel glad they decided on their whole life all those years ago.

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