A Safe Place for Fido While you are Busy

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

Sometimes you might find yourself swamped with work. You could be required to work late a few days next week and won’t be able to spend the time with your dog like you usually do. Instead of leaving him home alone to be bored and possibly get into trouble, you can consider a doggy day care in Lafayette! Whether you need a full day or just a half of a day, you can easily find the right schedule for you and your pet.

What is a Doggy Day Care?

Like a daycare for human children, a doggy day care in Lafayette area is a safe place for you to bring your pet for the day while you take care of human obligations. Working late, taking a quick trip out of town, or relaxing at a spa are all valid reasons to need a doggy daycare. This facility includes spacious kennels for dogs of all sizes, large play rooms and outdoor yards to play in. Each area is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure your dog is safe and secure at all times, and all play sessions with other dogs are monitored by multiple human caretakers.

How Can I Help Fido Adjust?

Sometimes being in a strange environment can be stressful or scary for your dog. While the human caretakers at the daycare are friendly and welcoming, your pooch might not always be eager to be left behind. If he is a bit timid, you can always bring along a favorite toy to keep him happy. This gives him a little familiar piece of home that smells like what he knows and loves. Such a small token can go a long way in helping your pet adjust to the new environment.

What Safety Checks are in Place?

All dogs that visit a doggy day care are required to have certain vaccinations and flea treatments. This varies by each facility, but is normally pretty strict for each canine member that visits. Boutique style facilities place their canine clients extremely high on the priority list and will thoroughly check each animal over for fleas and other external pests prior to accepting them for entry. This helps ensure every canine member visiting the daycare is kept clean and pest free during their stay. Additionally, vaccinations such as rabies are required, with other vaccinations depending on the city regulations and facility requirements. If in doubt, always be sure to ask ahead of time to ensure your dog as well as other dogs are safe.

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