A Residence That Provides Alzheimer Care In Port St. LUCIE, FL

More than a senior living community, Watercrest Senior Living Group, LLC at FL goes above and beyond to provide the special Memory Care Services needed by residents who are living with dementia and alzheimer disease. These residents have special concerns and needs for their safety and security as well as for their continued emotional and spiritual development and encouraging them to keep as much independence as they can.

Part of Alzheimer Care in Port ST. Lucie, FL involves allowing residents the dignity and independence of having their own, private room but with the right kind of support services. Each room is also wired for cable, and the rooms are either furnished or unfurnished as each resident would like. Housekeeping and laundry services are provided. Residents get three meals per day, and beauty shop and barber shop services are available.

Transportation is provided to get to doctor appointments and to take residents on group outings. The home itself is secured, with an enclosed courtyard so that residents can enjoy the sun and fresh air without becoming lost outside.

The staff is trained in Alzheimer Residence Port in Port ST. Lucie, Fl. They supervise each resident’s medication to make sure residents get their medications at the right time and the right dosing amount. A physician is available on site, with pharmacy delivery available every day to make sure residents get the prescriptions they need. The staff also works with residents’ local doctors to coordinate their care. Visit their site

The other part of Alzheimer Care in Port ST. Lucie, Fl is to provide stimulating activities for residents. There is a chapel with Sunday worship services and for those who wish to have a quiet place to pray. Other activities include bingo, tea socials, cookie days, documentaries, sundae socials, movies on a large screen, Wheel of Fortune, resident birthday celebrations, black jack, crosswords, guest chefs, piano entertainment, music trivia, viewing musicals as well as opera productions such as La Traviata and The Marriage of Figaro, learning about animals, and more. Each day of the calendar brings a variety of different activities.

The community publishes a monthly newsletter with topics like Medicare enrollment, flu shots, information on Alzheimer disease, upcoming events, and shining the spotlight on one resident each month.

Watercrest in Port St. Lucie, FL offers senior care facilities and elderly care, just minutes from Port St. Lucie, FL We believe our residents deserve the same elegance and luxury they enjoyed living independently. For more information visit https://watercrestseniorliving.com/