A Quick Guide to 18/10 and 18/0 Quality Stainless Steel

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Stainless Steel Distributors

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Quality Stainless Steel does not come easy. It requires the efforts of a reliable manufacturer who can provide a quality grade steel at an attractive price. One provider may offer an appealing price, but it comes at a cost. That cost is an inferior grade for the stainless steel. It is a difference that will result in decreased sales and diminished consumer confidence. What is the most immediate method for determining the “quality” behind Quality Stainless Steel? The answer rests in two grades.

18/10 and 18/0

There are two core grades of stainless steel in mainstream consumer products. These are 18/10 and 18/0. The numbers refer to the levels of chromium and nickel present in the stainless steel. 18/10 is the superior grade on an objective scale. 18/10 is truly stain-resistant. It boasts a clearly visible glow. The grade is also realistically resistant to any breakage, and holds its shape and durability against a lot of weight and wear.

Is 18/0 Good Enough?

The 18/0 grade is a bit less appealing, and consumers will notice the difference with repeated use. It is true that the flaw is that the 18/0 has no quantities of nickel. But, nickel isn’t necessary for quality stainless steel. The grade is prone to staining (despite the name). This is a major problem, and will result in few returned sales for anyone seeking a quality product. Removing the potential for stains is, truly, the bare minimum consumers should receive for their purchase.

Of course, finding 18/10 stainless steel at an attractive price may take some time. Potential clients for an assessment of grades and prices. The site can offer a distinctive overview of stainless steel.

Two companies are equal in all other aspects. The difference is in the grade of their stainless steel and the steel that goes into their products. Company quality can often be derived from the quality of the stainless steel. For better or worse, these aspects may snowball. When a company gets an association with “poor quality,” that can erode their overall competitiveness. The low quality stigma may be directly associated with the grade of the stainless steel.

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