A Better Quality Product with C1D1 Extraction Lab Engineering

Getting the best possible cannabis products can seem like an easy thing, but there is a lot of science that goes into it. For example, having a less-than-great extraction method can cloud the quality of your product.

For that reason, having a C1D1 extraction lab engineering option can help set the stage for a better quality product. There are Class 1, Division 1 electrical requirements necessary in the process, for instance.

Electrical Requirement

When it comes to the extraction of cannabis compounds, there are certain requirements that must be met. The Class 1, Division 1 requirement concerns flammable gases, liquids, or vapors that are present either for long periods of time or continuously during the operating conditions.

Without proper knowledge and equipment, C1D1 extraction lab engineering can present natural dangers. Remaining compliant ensures that procedures are safe, for the equipment, the product, and the workers.


There are a lot of costs that can go into having onsite C1D1 extraction lab engineering. Being able to find a third-party lab that offers C1D1 compliance can be crucial for any operation. After all, having a standalone lab can be quite expensive.

There is far more that goes into the cannabis extraction process than meets the eye. Following certain compliance standards not only ensures safety during the process, but a safer, better product at the end of the day. Make sure that you have all of your bases covered with extraction lab engineering.