7 Tips to Know about Fire Pits

by | May 25, 2020 | Fireplace Store

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With summer comes spending times outdoors. A cool summer night around the best portable fire pit with friends a family is always fun. If you are considering the purchase of a portable fire pit, keep these things in mind.

  1.  Wind: before making a final decision on where you will place your fire pit, take into account the wind. If you choose a wood fire, burning embers can be blown around.
  2.  The metal will get hot: make sure children are at a distance, you wouldn’t want a playing child to get burned. Give any portable fire pit plenty of time to cool down before moving it.
  3.  Use the correct materials: the use of the wrong material in your fire pit can cause it to shatter and possibly even explode.
  4.  Know the codes: since codes vary, often widely, from city to city verify what is allowed before placing any fire pit, even if it is portable. No matter the fuel, propane, wood, natural gas, consult with a professional and/or your building official.
  5.  Clear the area: make sure the area near your fire pit is clean of foliage, branches and any other debris that can catch fire. A general rule of thumb is to allow for six feet, at a minimum, of clear space. Your area may require more than six feet, so again make sure you check!
  6.  Use a mesh cover: once your fire has burned down some, use a screen. This will keep flammable debris from blowing around and keeps sparks from flying out as well.
  7.  Do not ever leave the fire unattended: keep a shovel along with a bucket of dirt or sand nearby. Separate partially burnt logs; this will allow them to cool. Use the sand and/or dirt to smother any coals. Pouring water on a hot fire will create steam, send ashes into the air and will make it more difficult to start next time.

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