6 Tips for Finding Reliable Car Repair in Port Orchard, WA

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2018

There’s never a convenient time for Car Repair in Port Orchard WA. Whether it’s a routine oil change, a tire rotation, or an engine overhaul, being without a car for any length of time is a big inconvenience. There’s one thing drivers can do, though, that makes repairs easier: choose the right repair shop. In this guide, local drivers will learn how to find a reliable repair center.

Ask For Recommendations

Most people trust their family and friends, and their opinions are valuable. Therefore, one’s inner circle is a good place to start the search for an auto repair shop. A great auto repair experience isn’t always a topic of conversation, so it’s important to ask for specific recommendations.

Find a Specialist Shop

This may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to ensure the staff members at the chosen shop know how to work on certain makes and models. While it’s not necessary to go to the dealership, it’s a good idea to find a repair center where technicians have model-specific experience.

Choose a Center With Additional Services

These days, many local repair shops offer a range of convenience services, such as free WiFi and refreshments or a shuttle service to take customers back and forth to work or home. These services, while not necessary, go far in making the auto repair experience better.

Ensure Staff Certification

People rely on their vehicles every day, so they want to ensure that only qualified techs are working on them. The best local shops have ASE-certified mechanics, which means they’ve undergone testing by the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Learn About the Shop’s Guarantee

All repair shops should stand behind the services and products they provide. When choosing a provider, ask which warranties are available. With good warranty coverage, drivers know their vehicles are in good hands.

Ask for a Free Estimate

Especially with large-scale repairs, ask if the service center offers free estimates. A reliable shop owner knows that repairs can be expensive, and a free estimate will tell a customer what to expect.

Whether customers call when they need Car Repair in Port Orchard WA, or they simply need information on the shop’s products and services, the team is here and ready to answer their questions. Call today to learn more or to schedule service.

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