5 Tips For Working With Building Contractors in St. Augustine

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Tip 1 – Get Many Quotes

The first tip to keep in mind when working with local building contractors St. Augustine professionals is to get as many quotes as possible. Compare the quotes to choose the one that works best for your needs. This means the quote should include all of the incentives you want at a price that works well for you. During this initial process, keep in mind that your quote is the actual price you will pay while your estimate is an estimated amount and is more like a ballpark figure.

Tip 2 – Sharing the vision

Tip number two about working with building contractors St. Augustine professionals is to translate your vision and concepts as vividly as possible. Whether you have put together a dream board or you have drawings of what you want your custom property to look like, explaining this in as much detail will give you a better chance of a successful outcome. When it comes to working with your local building contractors, giving them as much visual info as possible will be advantageous for you and them.

Tip 3 – Going over rules

If you are renovating, you need to lay out the ground rules for working inside of your home. This means you have to express clearly that certain parts of your home are off limits and no wandering through your home is allowed. When talking to your building contractors St. Augustine professionals, relay what the start and end times should be each day as well as other rules such as removing shoes, which bathrooms to use, and other related rules of import to you.

Tip 4 – Working out the contract

Working out your contract in detail will make the entire process much easier. You can decide upfront whether you are paying in cash or check, or electronic payments via Paypal. It is a good idea to make payments in stages so you can be assured that the work is progressing as desired.

Tip 5 – Materials

During the construction process, you will need to decide whether the builder will supply the materials or if you are using your own materials supplier. Relay your choices to the building contractors St. Augustine professionals you have chosen to work with.

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