5 Reasons People Love a Good Dog in a Bun

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Restaurant

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It’s lunch and you’re wondering what you’ll have. Here’s why you’ll want to order hot dogs in an NYC restaurant.

You’re crazy about the toppings

One thing that a lot of dog lovers love is the variety of the toppings you can choose, the Food Republic says. Pile up your bun with mayo, mustard, cheese and more. You can think of other combinations to choose from. The options are endless, from Salsa sauce, green peppers, lettuce, potatoes, and more.

You love its taste

If you like the taste of meat but you’re not in the mood for steak, then a dog in a bun or served up with side dishes is the perfect meal to satisfy your hunger.

You love a good roll

If you love a good roll, then chop up the dogs in chunks and mix in with sauces and vegetables. That’s an excellent way to enjoy your dog in a bun.

You can go fancy

There are plenty of restaurants that offer you hot dogs in an NYC with a side of truffle and grilled cheese. If all you want in life is some peace and quiet during your lunch hour, then order a dog in a bun and watch the rest of the world recede from your mind with every savory bite. You’ll forget all the stress of your deadlines or annoying co-workers every time you bite down and chew a bite of juicy, meat. Toss in golden French fries and all is right in the world again, at least for the next few minutes it takes you to finish your meal.

Your kids love it

There’s nothing like a good dog in a bun paired with French fries to make your kids happy. Worried about their nutritional needs? No worries. Switch those French Fries with veggies sticks. That’s one way to make sure your kids are eating right.

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