5 Flubs to Avoid When You Look for a Moving Firm

Posted by Phineas Gray on July, 2018

Bad decisions can cost you a lot. Here are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid if you want to get trustworthy Manhattan Movers to help you.

Going for the lowest price

A lot of dodgy companies use lowball offers to get clients. Don’t fall for that trap. If you want quality assistance, be prepared to shell out money for the service.

Hiring a company over the phone

A reputable moving firm will send a representative to your home to assess the property and determine possible challenges for the move. They’ll also get a full inventory of the items that need to be moved. If the company doesn’t do any of these things, you could be hiring a sketchy moving firm. Look elsewhere.

Not doing any research

Googling Manhattan Movers doesn’t constitute enough research. If you want to look to make sure you hire the right team, look into the company’s background. Consider its reputation and credentials. Be clear about the services it offers. Can it provide you with the long-distance assistance you need? Do you require a storage facility? Figure these things out before you pick a moving firm.

Not planning

Organization and planning can eliminate a lot of moving day stress. That also means booking the services of the movers ahead. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to make a call.

Not asking about extra fees

Make sure you know what kind of services or moving conditions may incur you extra costs. For instance, if you’re moving on a weekend or if the movers have to use stairs or elevators to pick up and deliver your belongings, then expect to pay more, Moving says.

Make moving day easier. Keep these mistakes in mind so you won’t waste time and money in hiring the wrong firm to take care of your belongings.

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