4 Traits of the Best Back Surgery Specialists

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Sports

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Are you facing an upcoming back surgery? Have you already found your surgeon based on referrals, or are you still looking for one? Either way, you can use these tips as a way to tell if the surgeon you are considering using is your best option. Here are four traits of great back surgery specialists:

1. Open About Your Options

A good surgeon in any field is not simply there to make incisions and repair damage. In actuality, your surgeon should spend a lot of time in consultation with you, going over your diagnosis and possible treatment plans. Most back surgeries are elective, in order to reduce pain or fix a genetic alignment issue, so it’s important that you understand all of your options. Your surgeon is there to help educate you, and to assist in the decision-making process.

2. Friendly and Approachable

In addition to being open about your treatment options, your surgeon should be able to discuss all of the aspects of your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery period with you in clear, concise terminology. You should feel comfortable asking questions, and trust that your surgeon cares for you as a patient, not as if he or she were in a rush. In addition, it is vital to feel confident in your surgeon’s abilities. Being nervous for surgery is common, but having lingering hesitations or doubts about the process is not. A good surgeon will help alleviate these fears.

3. Certifications and Specializations

Your surgeon may need to be extremely specialized in his or her field depending on the type of surgery you need. At the very least, a rigorous education and board certification are required. On top of that, a good back surgeon will have specializations or additional certifications. Your surgeon should be very candid about these, and can also let you know how often they perform your particular surgery. Many surgeons perform a wide range of procedures, but you want your specialist to be committed to his or her field a majority of the time.

4. Up-to-Date with Technologies and Procedures

Some medical procedures are performed today in much the same way they were twenty or even fifty years ago. Medicine continues to grow and develop by leaps and bounds, making it even more vital that your surgeon and surgical center are keeping up with the times. Ask about how your procedure will be performed, and with what technology. You can also inquire about your surgeon’s training and experience on the equipment. New procedures are often less invasive and less time-consuming, but they do require additional training and practice.

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