4 Steps to Finding a New Dog Doctor for Your Pet

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

So maybe your old vet retired or moved to another state. Either way, you’re left holding the bag as you and your pet try to move on with your life, sans vet. No worries. With enough time and research, you’ll find a great replacement in no time. To start you off, here are some tips from ChasingDogTales on how to find your dog a new vet.

Recommendations work. You could ask for one from your old vet. If that doesn’t pan out, though, you could always try everyone in your network—from your friends to your family and neighbors to your work colleagues. Chances are, you’re also friends with the people who run the pet food store. Ask them for referrals. They’ll be a good source of information too.
Browse through websites. You’ll likely find a lot of choices this way, though the search might get tedious. Still, it’s a great way to generate leads. Just jot down the names and contact numbers of the ones you think have potential.
Call the local shelter. They might have a preference for one particular Jacksonville Animal Hospital in the area. It wouldn’t hurt to check that out.

Call and Ask
When you finally have a list of potential animal hospitals, then it’s time to compare them with one another. Note down the available services, the open schedules and availability of the vets. You could also give them a call. Are there doctors available on weekends? What happens if your pet gets into an accident in the middle of the night on a Saturday? Will the hospital be open then? Who’ll be handling the patients? If the answers you get sound satisfactory, then proceed to the next step.

Pay Them a Visit
Drop by each place. Note the size of the facility, the number of patients, and the number of staff. Is it too busy? Do they seem understaffed? Do the pet owners chat with the staff in a friendly way? And when you finally get to meet the vets on board, are they comfortable in answering your questions? Do they seem to know their stuff without being patronizing or arrogant about it?

Choose a Vet
In searching for that one Animal hospital in Jacksonville, you’re sure to come across the Argyle Animal Clinic. If you want excellent service and a friendly atmosphere, this is a great place to start. Keep these in mind when you kick off your search and you’ll do fine.

Need the services of a Jacksonville Animal Hospital? Call us at the Argyle Animal Clinic. With our dedicated team and quality facility, we provide your pet with premium veterinary services.

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