4 Signs That it’s Time for Sump Pump Installation in Hazlet NJ

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Plumbing

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Like any other machine, a sump pump will wear out eventually. Most sump pumps provide about a decade of worry-free use, but many users may not notice a failure because these pumps only run when needed. Below are four signs to look for in the prevention of premature sump pump failure.

It’s an Outdated Model

A pedestal style pump is like the Model T; it was an early favorite, but it’s archaic now. These pumps sit above water in the sump basin. They reset on a narrow, tall pipe, and they typically have a float switch including a long shaft. Pedestal pumps are easily tipped, and they are not as well built like today’s submersible sump pumps. If the home has one of these, Sump Pump Installation in Hazlet NJ should be done as soon as possible.

Frequent Power Cycling

If the pump frequently turns on and off, even in times of heavy usage, there may be a problem. The issue may be as simple as a poorly adjusted float switch, or it may indicate that the sump basin cannot handle the volume of water it’s receiving. If these issues aren’t corrected, the pump motor will burn up prematurely.

Longer Run Times

Users should listen to the sump pump when it turns on. If the pump runs for an abnormally long time, it may be underpowered for the water volume it handles or the distance over which the water must be pumped. Sump pumps are rated for a certain number of gallons a minute at a set head height, and exceeding either of these numbers can cause the pump to run continuously.

Excessive Noise

All a client should hear from the sump pump is a very low hum and a slight thump when it turns off. If the pump is making excessive noise, the motor may have a burned bearing, which is a sure sign of impending failure. Grinding or rattling noises can indicate a damaged impeller, which is another worrisome trouble sign.

If a homeowner notices any of these signs, it’s time to find more information on Sump Pump Installation in Hazlet NJ. It is dangerous to take chances with an old pump, especially during the rainy season. By looking for signs of trouble early on, homeowners can solve minor problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

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