4 Reasons to Visit a Pediatric Dentist at an Early Age

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2016

If you don’t yet have a children dentist and already researching a list of pediatric dentists in San Antonio, TX, then you’re on the right track. Within six months of your baby’s first tooth appearing, you should have made a decision which children dentist you’re going to visit. Here are 4 reasons why this is very important:

1) Starting proper oral habits early – Statistically, parents bring their kids to the pediatric dentist for the first time at 2 to 3 years of age. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t not early enough as it is near 2 years too late than what’s typically recommended. Similar to adults, children will adopt good or bad habits at an early age, hence why proper oral habits should begin early. This includes proper tooth brushing, flossing, use of fluoride, and even thumb sucking.

2) Customized care – Kid’s dentists handle oral health at various stages from toddler to teen and this is why your kid’s dental experience will become personal at an early phase. This means that your kid grow up accustomed to several dental procedures he or she learned at the hands of a trusted face. A good pediatric dentist knows this and will do what they can to accommodate your kid’s preferences, provide tips to solve dental issues and more.

3) Early detection – This is the most important reason why you should bring your kids to a pediatric dentist at an early age. Cavity has been linked to bacteria development, which can occur even if no cavity exists. Dentists can examine your kid’s oral hygiene and provide the necessary dietary recommendations and treatment to neutralize bacteria. Problems with gums, tooth development, and other areas of concern can also be addressed properly.

4) Prevent dental jitters – Many kids are afraid of dentist visits but this can be completely avoided if they are “exposed” to the experience as early as. Follow the recommended 6-month intervals for each visit. While many families go with a general dentist, do note that pediatric dentists receive a 2 or more years of specialized education to become children dentists.

The above 4 reasons and more, are a great reason for your to visit a good kids dentist in San Antonio, TX. Call My Child’s Dentist today and give your kids the opportunity to meet Dr. Robert Hayes Offutt and Dr. Leticia Jeffords, your neighborhood experienced, friendly pediatric dentists.

Mychildsdentistsa.com has been the most trusted Kids Dentist in San Antonio, TX since 1979. With state-of-the-art facility, kid-friendly staff, and exceptional pediatric dentists, your child is sure to receive the best oral healthcare available in the area.

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