4 Questions Your Child Support Lawyer Will Ask

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2021

If you’re having a tough time getting child support or you aren’t getting enough, taking your problems to court is a good strategy. Here are a few questions that your child support lawyer in Rockford, IL will probably ask:

What kind of arrangement do you want?

Your lawyer will need to know what kind of custody arrangement you want since that’s going to determine the legal measures you’ll need to take. Sole or joint custody are only two of the options you can ask your lawyer about.

Do you have proof?

A join custody arrangement is usually the best kind of arrangement to go for since it’s ideal for kids. However, if you want sole custody of your children, you’ll need to be prepared to present proof that it’s in the best interests of the child to support this. Your lawyer can help you unearth the information or data you need to build a case and provide ample proof that your child will be better off with you if that’s what you truly believe in.

What’s your level of communication?

The court will want to ensure that both parents will have an active role in your children’s lives. That’s why they want parents to demonstrate good communication levels with each other. Have a hard time doing that? Your lawyer can help you stay objective throughout any meetings or negotiations with your ex-partner or spouse and keep you on an even keel. This can prevent any of the bitterness or resentment you feel from flaring up so you and your ex can talk about your kids and resolve child support issues amicably.

Do you have an existing custody arrangement?

If you already have one, whether a formal or informal one, make sure your lawyer knows. Your lawyer can use this to your advantage, especially if the arrangement seems to be working, says The Spruce. Know more by asking your child support lawyer for a more detailed explanation. Visit Crosby Law Firm online for more information.

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