4 Elegant Decorating Tips for your Reception Hall

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Wedding

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When it comes to weddings, the goal of the day is to get everything as close to perfect as possible. Weddings are magical – they’re that one time in our lives when we all want to believe in fairy tales, and that they can come true if we really want them to. A day unlike any other, hazed and glazed in such serendipity and beauty that you’re absolutely sure it’ll never be topped.

That’s an extremely tall order – and it requires knowing exactly what you want. With these four decorating tips, you can start that perfect day off just right.

Use a chalkboard

It may sound like a strange idea, but using chalk and a chalkboard is a fun and artsy way to encourage some artistic collaboration between yourself and your guests. You can use wall mounted chalkboards to write up menus, seating orders, the families of the bride and groom, and you can use it as a space for the friends and family in attendance to write something about the newlyweds.

Drape the ceiling

A great way to introduce depth and art to the venue is by hanging light cloth from the ceiling, like a beautiful canopy. You could even use two or three different colors and create an amazing sea of vibrancy and interesting hues.

You can also take it a little easier with the rest of the reception décor if everyone’s eyes are brought to the ceiling. One thing countless couples regret according to Elite Daily is spending too much on centerpieces. Using a ceiling like this works exceptionally well in catering halls like Windows on the Lake, Long Island, where the serenity of nature and the nearby waters blend perfectly with the calm nature of a draped white ceiling.

Herb it up

A great way to add a fanciful and aromatic touch to all of your reception cards and wedding stationary is to adorn them with a fragrant herb. Something like a twig of rosemary or a beautiful mini-bushel of lavender can really do the trick.

Handwrite your wedding

From the menu, to the ceremonies program, to the dinner table name cards – instead of typing everything out, take a traditional ink-and-paper route. You don’t have to do it yourself – enlist the help of a young artist, and save yourself the trouble of hiring and paying for a professional.

These are just a couple quick and interesting ways to spruce up your reception and start the wedding right – with elegance and originality.

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