3 Useful Tips for Long-Lasting Dental Implants in Westlake Village, CA

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Dentist

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When it comes to your smile, dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth and restore your confidence. They look and feel almost like real teeth, which means they can be just as vulnerable to neglect. Therefore, you must take care of them every day if you want to get the most out of your implants. Here are three simple ways you can ensure your dental implants last as long as possible.

Useful Tips for Long-Lasting Dental Implants

1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. This also applies to dental implants in Westlake Village, CA. Keeping your dental implants clean will protect your gums, which are the anchors for your implants.

2. Limit Hard Foods, Bad Habits, and Hazardous Activities

Chewing on hard foods like olives with pits or hard candies can damage your implants. Bad habits like chewing your nails or using teeth to open packages can carry the same risk of damage. In addition to these, avoid potentially hazardous activities, such as contact sports. If you do engage in sports, remember to wear a mouthguard.

3. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can negatively impact your health via changes in your blood pressure, circulation, and ability to fight off infection. Sugar in alcoholic drinks can also feed the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Engaging in these activities will make dental issues worse, which can eventually contribute to implant failure.

Make an Appointment

Regular dental check-ups allows your dentist to monitor your implants, spot any issues early, and make recommendations. If you would like to learn more about dental implants in Westlake Village, CA, contact Dr. Kacker at drkacker.com to schedule an appointment.

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