3 Tips for Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ponte Verde

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience for anyone. You may feel confused about court proceedings or not understand the charges. A
criminal defense attorney in Ponte Vedra helps you navigate the system and make your case in court. Here are three tips for how to best work with a criminal defense attorney.

Be Open and Honest

Your criminal defense attorney is an ally in court. Being open and honest about the circumstances that led to the charges is of utmost importance. Your attorney is there to help you defend against any wrongful charges, and your attorney understands the law and is an excellent negotiator.

Trust the Attorney’s Expertise

A criminal defense attorney in Ponte Vedra not only knows the law but is also aware of relevant court cases that may support your case. This knowledge helps with negotiations with the prosecuting attorney and the judge. Often, criminal defense attorneys can resolve the case outside of court and with a lesser charge.

Ask Questions

The court system is complex, and many people do not understand the terminology that is used or the significance of each type of appearance. Ask as many questions of your attorney as necessary to feel at ease with the proceedings.

Where to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney

Canan Law specializes in criminal defense, civil cases, family law, personal injury, and other types of court proceedings. To learn how they can help you, call them today to discuss your case and schedule a time with an attorney.

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