3 Tips for Organizing Your Classroom

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2018

Getting ready for the first day of class as a teacher can be even more intimidating than facing your first day as a student. This is doubly true if you are new to teaching. You might have a lot of pressing tasks in front of you as you prepare for your class, but it would be a mistake to let classroom organization fall to the bottom of your priority list. Here are three tips for preparing your classroom that can help you, regardless of which K-12 grade you’re teaching.

Approach your setup strategically

According to Scholastic, before you start setting anything up in the classroom itself, it’s best to go through your lesson plans and make a list of all the “locations” you will need in your classroom. This will allow you to distribute your plastic classroom chairs accordingly, mapping out distinct areas for each piece of your lessons.

Have the right furniture and supplies

Make sure you have everything you need well before getting to that first day of school on your calendar. Too many teachers don’t think about furniture needs far enough in advance, only to wind up in a bind once the school year is underway. Make sure you have the necessary desks, chalkboards, and plastic classroom chairs for your room well in advance.

Document before any students arrive

Every teacher knows that the arrival of their students will bring a certain element of chaos. It’s highly unlikely that your classroom will look the same before and after your first class, so once you have obtained the right furniture and set up your classroom, take plenty of photographs so that you can easily recreate it if students make the room disorganized again.

With the right preparation, there’s no need for nerves before your first day as a teacher. Follow these tips, and organize your classroom with confidence.

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