3 Things You Should Know About a Face Lift in Chicago

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

If you are considering a face lift in Chicago there are three things that you should know. Meeting your expectations of a face lift start with being as educated as possible about the process and of course, choosing the right surgeon.

What You Should Know

Most patients have similar questions when it comes to what to expect. They want to know about recovery time, discomfort and what they can do to enhance their results. The right practice will take the time to explain the entire process to you, so that you have a good understanding of the process involved. A full-face lift is a major surgery and it is not right for everyone, in many cases there are other options that will give you similar results. A good plastic surgeon will help you to explore those options. Here are three things that you should know:

1. Complete “finished” results can take up to 3 months
2. There is relatively minimal discomfort after the surgery
3. The results can last up to a decade

Face lifts are a process, typically you can return to work in about 2 weeks. Your face will look completely normal by about 3 weeks, but the entire healing process can take up to 12 weeks. There are a few factors that affect individual healing time that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you.

The Discomfort

While this is a major surgery, there is relatively very little discomfort during the healing phase. You will experience some swelling and tightness but for most people there is little to no pain.

The Results

Typically results last from 7-10 years which many patients love! Chicagoland Aesthetics can help you to get the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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