3 Things To Look For In Top Cloud Storage Providers

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2020

Looking beyond the basics is a critical factor when choosing the best cloud storage providers. When businesses only look at the price, they often choose the lowest rate they find online. What they often realize after the first billing cycle is the number of hidden or undisclosed fees, the lack of customer tech service and support, and specific key security features that are not offered through the provider.

To avoid these issues, it is essential to compare cloud storage providers on more than just the cost. It is worth the time to check the following three factors before choosing the right provider for the business.

Security Features

Security features and options should always be a priority when considering any cloud provider. Cloud storage is generally safe, but it can be hacked, particularly on public and hybrid clouds. This can occur when users incorrectly configure their security settings, potentially risking other accounts on these shared clouds.

For sensitive information, ask for end-to-end encryption, and ask about security protocols and features in place for public or hybrid clouds.

Options for Disaster Recovery and Backup

Cloud storage is very safe, but things can and do happen. Data recovery allows for the replication of the data for a business across several locations, which means companies can store more data in the cloud with the full ability to recover all data.

Backup can be offered as a service and allows your business to have the latest in data and information stored in the cloud. This is ideal if a system fails when the need to get the business up and running quickly is a priority.

Setup and Deployment to the Cloud

Always check the reputation of cloud storage providers for setup ease and support. Top providers work closely with their customers to ensure a seamless migration to the cloud and ongoing support around the clock.

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