3 Signs Your Home is In Need of Duct Cleaning in NJ

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2021

It’s easy to forget about cleaning your air ducts, but the longer you put this off, the more you’ll compromise the air quality in your home. This type of indoor air pollution can affect your health and that of your family.

Make sure the air in your home or apartment is as clean as possible with regular air duct cleaning. Keep the following three signs in mind to make sure you clean your air ducts:

You Forgot the Last Time Your Ducts Were Cleaned

It’s likely that you don’t frequently think about your air ducts, but if you can’t remember the last time your ducts were cleaned, this is a sign that it’s been too long. Don’t put off your annual duct cleaning in NJ. Be sure to schedule your duct cleaning as soon as possible to make sure the air you’re breathing is free of pollution.

The Floor Registers in Your Home are Dirty

Not sure if it’s time to clean the air ducts in your home? Take a second to look at your floor registers. Take off the cover and look inside. If you see a lot of debris and dust, it’s time to clean your ducts.

The Registers on the Ceiling are Dirty

Another area to monitor is your ceiling registers. If there’s a dark strip surrounding the register’s cover, this is an indication of all the dust and toxins that have collected since the last cleaning. Learn more about duct cleaning from Air Duct Cleaning Solutions.

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