3 Reasons Your Toddler Needs to See a Doctor in North Charleston

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Health and Medical

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There are situations in which it will be easy to determine that your toddler needs pediatric emergency care in North Charleston SC. An injury or visible signs of illness are a couple of those outward signs. However, there are other situations in which it may be difficult to tell that your child needs medical care. Learning about some of those situations can help you get your toddler care faster.

High Fever
Everyone runs a fever once in awhile, and recovery is usually possible for a toddler without medical care. As long as they seem to be acting normally and their diet hasn’t changed, a fever of up to 101° F only requires bed rest, plenty of water, and time for the immune system to fight off the infection. However, a higher fever combined with appetite changes should prompt a visit to a hospital.

There are several kinds of seizures to watch for in a toddler. Other than violent spasms, some seizures involve muscular rigidity and blank stares. If any type of seizure lasts for five minutes or longer, you should call your doctor to schedule an exam.

Mild rashes are to be expected and can be treated by a dermatologist. However, a widespread rash can indicate a more serious medical problem. If your child develops red or purple spots that turn white under pressure, your child should receive pediatric emergency care in North Charleston SC. They may also need medical care if they develop a rash on their face and neck.

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