Why Buy a Serta?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2016

We’ve all heard their reputation, “Serta mattresses are some of the best you can buy,” but what really sets them apart? What makes a Serta mattress better than a bargain basement discount mattress? Serta is one of the largest mattress companies around and they are proud of their reputation, so they are going to work hard to defend it. Let’s take a look at a few different aspects that set them apart from the competition so you can make the right choice when you are looking for a Serta mattress in D’Iberville, Ms.


Right away, one of the first things you should notice is how much more comfortable it is than cheaper mattresses. Cheaper manufacturers can cut corners, which will result in pressure points. This can make you night’s sleep less than pleasant. Serta goes the extra mile to make offer its customers the extra comfort they want when looking for a mattress.


It’s not going to matter how comfortable a mattress is the day you buy it if it is not usable a year later. If the construction quality of a mattress is not up to par it will wear out faster, plain and simple. Serta uses high quality materials and construction practices to make sure your mattress is going to serve you well for years to come. Serta also warranties all of their mattresses. Be sure to ask your sales rep about warranty information.


Serta was one of the first manufacturers to offer adjustable beds that can sit you up while you are in bed. This is great for reading at night, or watching TV without having to strain or stack pillows. Serta also now manufactures both memory foam and hybrid style mattresses. This allows for maximum comfort by removing old style bed springs from the mattress all together. This allows for greatly reduced pressure points and increased comfort for better sleep.

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