The Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration System and its Benefits

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2018

In the home, you have air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers which use a specific type of refrigerant designed for their use. However, in many industrial applications, an ammonia refrigeration system is the best choice. Here is information on this type of cooling and some of the benefits it provides.

A Brief History

Vapor compression refrigerating systems appeared in the mid 19th Century. The early ammonia refrigeration system was crude by today’s standards but worked well for making ice. Some of the first home refrigerators used ammonia or NH3 as a refrigerant. It later got replaced with Freon refrigerant because NH3 creates fumes which are toxic and can make it difficult to breathe when exposed to it. However, NH3 is still the best refrigerant for industrial systems and here are some reasons why.


NH3 is one of the most efficient refrigerants you can use. It is as much as twenty percent more efficient than other systems commonly used in industrial applications. Some systems combine CO2 and NH3 to create even more efficient cooling for certain applications.

Efficiency is an important consideration for industrial facilities like food and beverage processing. You can save a great deal of money on operating costs like energy bills. This lets businesses keep prices down so they can remain competitive.

Size Matters

NH3 is not only very efficient it transfers heat more effectively than other refrigerants. You can install smaller equipment and piping systems when you use an ammonia refrigeration system. This helps you save space, and in many industrial facilities like manufacturing plants and warehouses, space is at a premium.

Green Choice

Most businesses today are very aware of environmental concerns. NH3 is an eco-friendly refrigerant. Unlike refrigerants like R22 (which can damage the ozone layer) ammonia causes no noticeable problems to the environment when released into the atmosphere.

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